Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Giving Back 2020

 Last Sunday, I received an email from an organization that grants wishes. They had an 11 year old boy, who is terminal with bone cancer who wanted to live a life of the rich and famous. They had a house rented for him for this weekend and that is it. I went into crazy planning mode. With the help of awesome vendors, we planned a great weekend! He rode in style with transpiration provided by @rockstar_limo, ate like a king with food from @gloriousaffairs, went to @audrainautomuseum and the breakers for private tours and photos taken by @jennifernevesphotography. He had his own ice cream provided by @benandjerrys, desserts from @scrumptions_inc and my parents provided a candy bar. Please pray for Lou and his family during this extremely difficult time, as they really need our prayers.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Nicole and Morgan-Narragansett Home Wedding

      Nicole and Morgan had so many changes in their wedding plans due to COVID, but with all the necessary changes, managed to have a wonderful and special day with their closest friends and families. They had a gorgeous ceremony outside by the water in Narragansett, even with a little wind, managed to have a memorable ceremony with Nicole's brother as the officiant and sharing special stories and were married underneath an arbor built by Nicole's father.  Once the ceremony was over, guests headed back to the home of Nicole's parents and enjoyed a wonderful meal provided by Pranzi Catering. The Felix Brown Band played to a socially distance crowd and were incredible. The evening ended with a dessert buffet and late night snacks. What a wonderful day even with all the important changes! Congratulations Nicole and Morgan!

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Microweddings-What are they? Should I have one?

     Microweddings have increased immensely due to Covid 19 this year.  This is a smaller version of both the ceremony and the reception, typically no more than 50 guests.  It is a super intimate wedding based of guests that are usually family and only close friends. Many couples don't look at it as a way to cut costs, but to provide more for their guests that they may have not been able to offer initially.  It is the perfect compromise if a couple still wants to get married in 2020 and does not want to postpone.  A smaller wedding may offer the opportunity to be more creative.  You could possible afford more florals or linens and decor, or add some lighting. You could move to a top shelf bar offerings and possibly an extra dessert or late night snack. A microwedding provides an opportunity to spend more time with your guests because there are not as many people to greet. Whether or not to have a microwedding is a personal choice. Many people want the larger wedding and are opting to postpone to 2021, And with many strict guidelines still in place in Rhode Island, the postponement means a full dance floor and a bar that guests can enjoy. No matter what you choose, it is between you and your spouse and what fits for you.  We are always here to help and answer your questions. 

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Hope is not cancelled...

     It is August, I have not done a wedding since October 2019.  This is the longest I have gone without a wedding in 15 years.  In this time, I feel like a part of me is missing. I love what I do, I am passionate about my work, I truly love the connection with my clients and I have established such wonderful and meaningful relationships with vendors over the years, not seeing them has been difficult.  But we have to hold on top hope, that we will get past this difficult time and watch the joy on couples faces as they say their vows.  We have to embrace the micro weddings, because for the time being, they are what is possible. In an uncertain time, we have to have hope that the love of couples about to be married will prevail and they will embrace the changes that the wedding will now have. In the end, what really matters is the love between two people, looking to share a lifetime together. For now, we have hope, we have to hold on to that with all we can.  I miss you all and can't wait to share in your memories soon. 

Friday, May 29, 2020

Kathy and Steve-Oceancliff

     I had such a wonderful time working with Kathy and Steve.  They were from New York and Kathy and I worked on the wedding for about 1 1/2 years.  After viewing a couple of different venues, they immediately fell in love with Oceancliff and the great team there.  It had everything that they needed and wanted for their wedding. I worked with them to match them with the perfect vendors for their wedding day, which included, Jennifer Neves Photography, Mike Picard Videography, Heavenly Weddings,Sayles Livingston Designs, Night Rhythm, JF3 Salon, and Scrumptions.  With a great team on their side, everything was absolutely seamless.  They had a gorgeous October day and could not have asked for a better back drop.  Their friend hired a painter to paint the first dance scene and it was amazing to watch. Congratulations to Kathy and Steve!

 Jennifer Neves and myself

 Almost done!

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Discover Rhode Island Article

The coronavirus epidemic is affecting nearly every industry. And while some are able to make the necessary adjustments to keep some semblance of normalcy, the wedding industry has been completely upended.  Trying to hold a wedding with rules like social distancing, no gatherings of greater than ten people, wearing a mask at all times in public, and so on is virtually impossible.  And while a few are still going through with a (very small) ceremony, nearly every couple who has a wedding planned for the next few months has some dramatic changes in their future.  Everyone agrees that safety at this point is the priority, so going ahead with a large wedding is not only irresponsible, depending on where you are, it may even be illegal.
Many have chosen to postpone, some to hold a (very) small celebration now, and a bigger celebration later, but no matter which route you choose, these are significant changes that will require a good amount of time and effort.
First, you have to have some confidence that whatever new date you choose, things will be dramatically improved from the current situation, and right now there’s still a lot of uncertainty around that.  Then you have to think about the guests, their schedules and their ability to travel.
Then there’s the vendors.
The average wedding takes over a year to plan and involves over a dozen vendors. So now you’ll need to be communicating with each one individually them so everyone can agree on the new date, and potentially new terms.  It’s always best if you can give them multiple options.  And yes, new terms as there will be some changes.  Venue, number of guests, and so many other variables, there will definitely be changes.
But one reality that most people don’t stop to think about is that each vendor is really an independent businesses.  For many of them, weddings are their only source of income.  And likely your change (thorough no fault of your own) will cost your vendor dearly.  Either because they already have a wedding scheduled for the new date(s) you’ve chosen, or they would have had one schedule if they were to leave the date open. So either way, your new date means they’ve got one less wedding.
Most couples have enough stress over the changing of their date, and they don’t need more.  But try to keep in mind that these small businesses are likely losing an entire season to the virus.  Think about that.  How many businesses could keep their doors open losing essentially an entire year of income. And for most, this is their full time job. So they’re doing more work (juggling rescheduling and changes) and likely losing most of their income at the same time.  And of course they do it with a smile on their face, because they don’t want to add to your stress.
And most vendors we’ve talked to have said they’ll honor the original contract, with no additional “change” fee, and will work with the couples to find a new date that’s suitable to all.
So do something good for your vendors.  Write them a positive review, or a thank-you note.  Tell them you appreciate them.  They need to hear it.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Wedding Plans Changing Due to COVID 19?

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We are here to help!! If your wedding has been cancelled or postponed due to COVID 19, we can help you rearrange your plans. We are offering discounted rates to those affected by COVID 19!
Call or email us today. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Alannah and Michael-Oceancliff

     When Alannah's mom reached out to me and was concerned about all that needed to be done for her daughter's wedding and both the bride and groom were physicians with no time, I jumped into action!! All of the details that they had remaining for the wedding, including putting together timelines and making sure everything was perfect for the day of, was accomplished in no time. I wanted the couple to be able to show up for their wedding and not worry about one detail, just enjoying the moment and celebrating with their families.  Which is exactly what they were able to do. A traditional Peruvian table was added to the reception, which was quite meaningful for the grooms's family. It was a beautiful day, rich in tradition and love.  Congratulation Alannah and Michael!

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Alyssa and Kyle-The Graduate

     Alyssa and Kyle were college sweethearts from Providence College, where Kyle still works and had their ceremony at the chapel on campus. Which included pictures of the wedding party, with the Friars mascot! After a morning of some raindrops, the weather cleared for a beautiful ceremony and pictures on the grounds of the campus taken by my good friend Jennifer Neves from Jennifer Neves Photography.  After photos the couple headed to the Graduate to enjoy their cocktail hour with family and friends. 
     There were many personal touches by the couple, who had a great number of crafty friends that were able to make their dreams a reality! A gorgeous mirror painted for the ceremony and a fun donut display, that just about every guest enjoyed. This group was a huge dancing crowd and were on their feet until the end of the night. Such a fun wedding for a great couple! Congrats to Alyssa and Kyle!