Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Special

We are offering 20% off any of our packages if you book by December 31st. Mention code "fall" when emailing or calling!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Grace Ormonde Wedding Style

It has been a busy wedding season, and the blogs have suffered! I am so excited to announce that Planned to Perfection's tabletop design will be featured in the Spring/Summer issue of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style. We had a great photo shoot at the picturesque Ocean House in Watch Hill and help from many of our wonderful vendor friends, The Perfect Setting at Felicia's, Conceptual Image Designs, and Rentals Unlimited. I can't wait for the magazine and for you all to see it!

Be sure to check out the Grace Ormonde website for the exact release date. www.weddingstylenewengland.com

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ashley and Tom's Wedding

What a beautiful day and what a beautful couple! I have been working with Ashley and Tom for the past year planning an intimate wedding at Regatta Place in Newport. They had a lovely ceremony in Jamestown and then headed with Erica Mancini from Adeline and Grace Photography and Mike Henriques from Artistic Wedding Video Group to Beavertail where they captured some gorgeous photos and many laughs. While they were taking photos, their guests enjoyed a steel drum player during cocktail hour and delicious hors d'oeuvres from Regatta Place. The floral arranagements of blues, greens and ivory, which were provided by Conceptual Image Design popped in the tent and uplighting from Luke's DJ created the perfect ambiance once the sun went down. Guests enjoyed a special treat near the end of the evening with a slider bar that included fries, onion rings and milkshakes. Congratulations and best wishes to Ashley and Tom!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What to do with your dress after the big day:
In today’s wedding world, there are numerous possibilities for your gown after the vows are spoken and last piece of cake is eaten. What to do with the centerpiece of this special occasion? Here are some ideas:
1. Save it! A time honored tradition of cleaning and sealing up a thing of beauty. You might want to keep it for future generations to enjoy, perhaps your daughter will love it as much as you did. It will always be there for future try-ons. However, I must warn you it can be costly. Expenses may add up to $500 for proper care.
2. Sell it! If you can part ways why not earn a little money back. There are second hand stores, online websites and classifieds which can earn you a great return on a priceless item.
3. Donate it! If your feeling generous and what to save a fellow bride wallet trouble, donate your fabulous dress. It is a great thing to do for upcoming brides to be. Your donation creates a world of discount dresses for those on a tight budget and the dress will see the matrimonial alter once again.
4. Transform it! Nowadays, there is no telling what you can make out of your dress. What have you always wanted? This is a great way to make new memories out of something you already love. It can be anything from pillow cases to skirts, to curtains, to baby blankets, lining on a portrait of you and your hubby. Picture it and you can have pieces to take with you always.
5. Trash the Dress! Now for my new favorite. Why not put that gorgeous gown on one more time and snap a few more memorable photos. A new trend that is sweeping bridal nation and the photography world is trashing your dress in a photo shoot. It is a way to have fun and get dirty. Some have worn it in the mud, others on the train tracks, and even lit them on fire! The images are magnificent and you get to be a little crazy. It is one more fun post wedding activity you can engage in, I mean you already have the attire for it. The contrasts are amazing and the pictures will last you forever.
Photo by Sara Zarrella

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wedding Insurance is your friend

Ensure your wedding will be without worries with insurance. Well you’ve bought insurance for your car, your phone, your house why not secure your wedding day. You never know what crazy thing might jeopardize your plans so play it safe and take out your very own cancellation policy and protection plan. Most brides never intend to use it until that ‘just in case’ emergency plan saves your event, your investment and your sanity.
Picture by Gayle Wheatley

There are numerous companies out there which specifically provide bridal insurance. It safeguards a newly embarking couple against venue cancellations, unexpected liability suits, outside elements such as Mother Nature, unorthodox contractors, negligence and anything which might interfere with a perfect day or honeymoon. Quotes can be acquired online, as well as any and all information. Insurance gives peace of mind to customers and ensures they will not be taken advantage of at any time. It can be purchased for one day or longer. A plan can cater to you and your needs. You certainly don’t want to be the one with horror stories but only happy memories of your wedding. Plan ahead and protect your special day!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A July 4th Wedding!

For one couple, July 4th will not only be about a day off from work, cookouts and fireworks but an anniversary celebration. Katie and Tim said their vows in the charming Channing Chapel in Newport, RI this past weekend. It was a perfect day filled with sunshine and wedded bliss. The couple enjoyed a short and sweet ceremony and pictures on the lawns of Bellevue Avenue. The Rockstar trolley then drove them through scenic Newport to the Atlantic Beach Club where hilarity, picture perfect moments, and family blessings honored the bride and groom.
The Atlantic Beach Club served every facet of the wedding with elegance, charm and pure fun. It is a location right by the seaside offering picturesque views and an outdoor deck to relax on. The food was stupendous and the atmosphere a pleasure. Luke’s DJ got feet moving on the dance floor as Katie and Tim enjoyed every minute. From cake feeding to garter tossing the wedding did not miss a beat. Fireworks went off later in the evening, making it truly a night to remember. It almost felt like they were for Katie and Tim . . . and the country of course.
When guests were stuffed with good food, good wine and a fantastic experience, it was time to send the couple off, to across the street. Family had flown in for this special occasion, enjoying accommodations right across the street at Newport Beach Hotel & Suites. However, the goodbye was quite unique. Sparklers lit a grand walkway for the bride and groom to run through. Guests and family said their final congratulations and with sparklers in hand wished them all the best on every endeavor.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Lights, camera, wedding!
A very distinctive feature of a wedding is the lighting. According to Sound Xplosion (a modern entertainment and distinctive lighting company), it “adds the "WOW" factor to your event.” The glow and awe of any occasion can be created through the type of lighting you choose. It also 'reflects' upon your style. There are many ways to go about it. For example, it adds color and tone to a room allowing some areas to appear subtle while others are illuminated with life. A venue never looked so enhanced as it does in color. Lighting has a way of showcasing what is important while also creating ambience one can enjoy over dinner at a special happening. It even serves as decoration with methods such as ‘up-lighting’ which has become very popular. This is a way to personalize your event. Monogramming is a new trend which displays lettering on the floor or wall. It is a great way to introduce the new Mr. and Mrs. Most importantly, don't forget to feel all lit up inside, on your special day.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Flowers, flowers, everywhere! The floral motif is an intricate detail of a wedding that binds everything together. It is forever present first appearing when the flower girl (look at that, a girl named after them) saunters down the aisle sharing them with families, to the bride and bridesmaids bouquets of colorful wonder to the décor of the reception to the centerpieces that guests can take home, enjoy and remember the magical event they recently witnessed. Flowers and their arrangements can be viewed as a piece of art adding color, texture, emotion and ultimate pizzazz to any atmosphere. They are the first element you notice, besides the bride of course, and the last to leave an impression.

I recently worked beside a fantastic florist and designer who absolutely awed me with his creativity. He loved that his contribution set the stage for an auspicious occasion. Flowers frame the very essence of a wedding. At this particular wedding the star flower power was the snapdragon and it shined from every corner of the room. The bride may choose whatever she like and it truly does make you smile when holding a bouquet specifically made to fit your personality. Of course there are many ways to go with your arrangements, especially in today’s modern world. The flowers can be bold and beautiful or subtle and soft. They can pop or deliver that sensitive yet dramatic whimsical feeling. It all depends on what captivates you. Pick the style which suits your own desires and indulge.

Flowers make everything better, I truly believe that. They are a form of expression and ultimate pleasure. They give a wedding life and décor depending upon season, bridal wishes and design. Always have fun with it using your imagination to create an intimate setting: bohemian style or romantic or beach casual or glamorous beyond belief. Enjoy the entire experience and never forget to take a moment, sit back and . . .smell the roses, while your at the altar.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Check out a videoclip of Christine at the Roadshow!
As a planner it is imperitive to be present in the industry; it means getting involved with the world of events around you. For example: joining such associations like ISES or the CVB are opportunistic tools of the trade. Networking, presents Planned to Perfection with multiple expos and conventions throughout the year. Wedding week in Rhode Island is upon us and one of its major happenings is City Bride.
On Wednesday, June 16th from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm at the Hotel Providence a gathering of the industry will take place. Brides from all over will flock to the heart of downtown Providence in order to view and meet the people who create the most lavish and luxe wedding experiences. From the top designers to the most extravagant floral arrangements, this is where you will find the modern bride and all her accouchements. There are also mini events such as a cake off. So indulge and spoil your pallet with a tasting of the finest pastries while exploring vendors that will suit your matrimonial needs. A fashion show will take place displaying top gowns from New England Bridal Salons and a tasting of wines and will be held right next door on the Blackstone Terrace. There is much to see and do and be merry.

Sponsors include such names as Sound Xplosion, Conceptual Image Floral Design, The Perfect Setting at Felicia’s and many more. It is the best of the best at one major event, including Planned to Perfection. Come and experience it for yourself!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It’s wedding season! The gloves are off and the dates are set. Christine is super excited for the upcoming months. This season is expected to be even better than the last. The new trends and wedding themes are something to see. There is a July 4th wedding coming up along with many other special days to celebrate. The office in Newport is getting a facelift and things are truly coming together. There is everything from a photographer to a florist to a designer sitting next to Christine, a planner. It is one stop shopping for the brides to be.
Next Wednesday is the CityBride event at the Hotel Providence and the industry is gearing up. All vendors will be present and accounted for including: caterers, planners, dressmakers, designers, photographers, florists, lighting, venues and much more. It is a bride’s dreamland, full of wedding temptation. This is a fantastic opportunity to compare and find what is right for your wedding; especially since your planner is already Christine.

Monday, May 10, 2010

First Wedding of the Season!

Congratulations to Kim & Rob who had a beautiful wedding Saturday May 8Th!! Kim (a lawyer) and Rob (a doctor) had a truly special day, and thankfully the weather cleared up just in time for the celebration to begin! The ceremony started just as the sun started to shine through at Manning Chapel at Brown University. The reception was held at the historic Providence Biltmore and was an intimate atmosphere for the just shy of 100 guest reception. What a great view the party had as well, up on the 17Th floor in the Grand Ballroom that overlooked the whole city of Providence on a clear day and lit up night. The sweet color of Amber up lighting really brought the room together for a great atmosphere. The raw sushi bar really wowed Kim's guest and was a unique touch to the cocktail hour. Cover to Cover had everyone on their feet dancing to their great cover tunes. Photos and video were taken all day and night by Jennifer Neves Photography and Mike Picard Videography as they captured all the special moments of the bride, groom, bridal party friends and family. Providence Biltmore started serving guests with a fabulous lobster chowder and then a delicious chicken, mashed potatoes, mixed greens and also tasty pasta. How could we forget the unforgettable lemon cake from Konditor Meister!!! For more pictures of this beautiful day, check out our Facebook page "Planned to Perfection"!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wedding Season is here!

Wedding Season is finally here! The sun is finally shinning through and the flowers are blooming! Brides and planners are putting together last minute details for their upcoming special days! We have amazing brides this summer and fall and we are looking forward to seeing their weddings fully executed! Even if you have made all the plans for your wedding its not to late to hire a planner last minute to tie together all of your details and be there during the ceremony and reception. Having a planner on site the day of your wedding can relieve a lot of wedding day stress! Planners can take care of any problems that may arise, be the contact for all vendors arriving on site throughout the day, and will help with last minute set up needs to ensure that your wedding is looking its best! A wedding planner will also be there to make sure all guests are where they should be or can answer any concerned questions, help line up the bridal party and will get everyone where they need to be on time.

Call Planned to Perfection today (401-885-1300)to ask any further question about our wedding day coordination package or get more details on our other wedding services!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spice up your Wedding!

Looking for new ways to entertain your guest at you wedding? Check out these new trends that are fun and exciting to make your wedding memorable! A sweet treat that will delight your guest during your dessert hour. Try a chocolate fountain! They come in many different flavors, and you can have multiple dippers like strawberry's, rice crispy treats, pretzels, marshmallows, cookies and much more! This is a fun and interactive way to engage your guest with your unique menu choices so they can get up and mingle instead of staying seated! Check out Sweet Streams Chocolate Fountains located in Cranston RI for more info!

Another fun sweet surprise you can WOW your guest with are cute wedding favors! How about bride and groom fortune cookies, or cookies with a picture of you and your future husband! These personalized items will definitely leave your guest impressed with your creative ideas for your big day. Sweet Indulgence in Warwick Rhode Island can customize fun treats for yourself, bridal party and wedding guest. They also specialize in fudge, ice cream, gift baskets and fun candy bars! Candy bars are becoming quite a popular wedding trend, you can customize them to fit your theme and color. Pick out our favorite candies and share your sweet tooth cravings with your guests!

OK now that I've gotten you hungry, lets talk about other fun ideas to have at your reception. Photo booths are huge right now! All your guest get the opportunity to take fun and silly pictures at your wedding. Instead of leaving disposable cameras on your reception tables, get a photo booth and all the images will be uploaded to a website for you to look at and print. You can also print instantly right at your reception. Some companies even give you the option of putting together a quick scrapbook right on the spot! This way your guest can put the photos they took right in a scrapbook and write you a personal message, then at the end of the night you have an extra memorable present! This picture on the left was from the NBC Channel 10 wedding where Jen & Eric had an awesome photo booth at their wedding!

Another popular wedding favor that has been become more and more popular every wedding season is making a donation in your guest name to the charity of your choice. This can sometimes be a touchy and sentimental subject for the bride or grooms family because the charity of their choice is often related to a personal experience, never the less it is a great and kind gesture that your guest would greatly appreciate instead of a materialistic favor.

Remember, think outside the box with new fun, creative and personal ways to entertain your guest and yourself! This is your day so have fun with it! You don't have to be traditional in every sense of the word!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hot color trends for 2010!

The word is out…vibrant brights and practical neutrals are the color trends for spring 2010! Why do invitation designers care about fashion color trends? Well, fashion color trends translate into popular wedding colors (bridesmaid dresses, floral designs, and linens) and those colors are often the inspiration for our wedding invitation designs. Don’t be afraid to mix your favorite fun colors like violet, turquoise, coral or fuchsia with neutral earth tones like Tuscany, pink champagne, off white, or eucalyptus. Bridesmaids are always looking for a fun pop of color that will draw attention to the overall feel of your wedding and reception.

Brides, think about wearing a bright fun colored sash to match your bridesmaid dresses to add a little extra spice. If you are getting married in the spring or summertime outside, be playful with the colors you choose; they will clash perfectly with the greens of the trees around you or a great blue of the ocean side. For a nice dramatic look, have your bridesmaids wear all different shades of purple, pink or whatever color you choose!
Don't forget about those accessories! Jeweled stilettos, drop-dead gorgeous chandelier earrings, cool metallic clutches...dramatic silver accessories give "blue-girl" bridesmaids some fine heavy metal to play with.

Monday, February 8, 2010


As heard in our radio advertisement.

Planned to Perfection is featuring a limited time offer that extends from Monday February 15, 2010 through Sunday February 28, 2010. Receive rehearsal dinner planning and coordination with the booking of any "day of" coordination package. Services include the referral and assistance in rehearsal dinner locations, assisting the venue to create exciting personalized menu options, acting as a liason between couple and venue, coordination of decor, and even the organizing of transportation if necessary. Additional savings totaling over 40 percent of the initial package. It's all part of planning your event to perfection and the savings are enjoyed by you.

*Packages are considered booked two business days post-receipt of the initial deposit by check only.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Successful Wedding...Check!

Well the couple is now officially married and their wedding was fabulous! The NBC Channel 10 Wedding took place on January 15Th and it was executed perfectly! Jen & Eric had a beautiful day starting with pampering from Celebeautique and amazing photos taken at the Lippitt house by Jen Neves Photography. The ceremony couldn't of been more perfect and I'm not sure if there was a dry eye in the house. The reception was so much fun with all the different Jewish and Filipino traditions that took place, like the money dance! The food was delicious and the guest were dancing up a storm thanks to Luke's DJ Services! We want to wish Jen and Eric a happy and healthy life together! It was great getting to know the couple and their families who were so fun! Special thanks to all the vendors who helped make the wedding possible and a special thanks to the Crowne Plaza, Channel 10, and video excellence!! Be sure to check out the wedding on Monday February 15th at 11am on channel 10 to see how everything went down! also check out our facebook page where you can see pics from the wedding and pictures from our bridal shows this past month! http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?v=wall&gid=52339410797

As well as the many bridal shows we have been attending we also were apart of Temple Sinai Bar/Bat Mitzvah show this past weekend. It was fun too see all the different vendors partaking in this show, much different from the bridal show! Check out our fun Hollywood inspired table set up! Helping to plan a bar/bat mitzvahs are so fun because you can really be creative with your kids and have a fun theme that will make your special event stand out!

Don't foget to stop by the RI Wedding Show in Newport, RI at the Rosecliff and OceanCliff Mansions on Saturday, February 20, 2010 11:30 am - 4:30 pm. Check out their website for a list of vendors and lots of information on anything else you might need! http://www.newportweddingexpo.com/vendors.htm

Also, dont forget to print your labels with your information on them to save yourslef the trouble of writing it 100 times!

Happy Planning!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Busy, Busy!

With the holidays behind us this can only mean one thing, lots of couples have gotten engaged; and are now starting their wedding planning which is great for us! January has been super busy meeting dozens of wonderful brides at many different bridal shows! Here is a picture from the Southern New England Bridal Show at the Rhode Island Convention Center. Fabulous show, lots of vendors and a great fashion show with beautiful dresses! Special thanks to Jay from Golden Gate and Tom from Conceptual Image Design for the beautiful flowers! Also Erica from Adeline & Grace Photography your photos look amazing!
*Quick tip if you attending more upcoming bridal shows: Instead of filling out your contact info 100 times at all the different booth, print out labels with your name, address, phone, email and wedding date! It will make life so much easier!*

Not only have we been busy with bridal shows but we are also getting ready for the big NBC Channel 10 Wedding on this friday at the Crowne Plaza!!! Things are running smoothly, Jen had her final dress fitting and she looks gorgeous! Be sure to check out the wedding in February on TV! (actual airing date to come)
Dont forget about this Sundays Bridal Show, The Venus de Milo's Grand Wedding Show will be held on Sunday, February 21, 201012:00pm - 4:00pm. $5 admissions but FREE for brides!
We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming shows!