Thursday, October 31, 2019

Erin and Ben-Glen Manor House

     Glen Manor House is one of my absolute favorite venue to be at so I am always excited to work there. Erin and Ben were planning a long distance wedding from Arizona and I worked with them so they could come here the weekend of the wedding, enjoy their family and friends and not worry about anything. Erin shipped me as many items as she had prior to the wedding so that she did not have to worry about packing anything or bringing additional luggage with her. What I love most about the Glen, is that you can really make it your own. There are so many places you can personalize and Erin and Ben really loved candlelight. I think it is the most candles I have ever seen there but it gave the house a beautiful soft warm glow to it, it was absolutely gorgeous. The food was provided by Glorious Affairs and they did an outstanding job with all that was offered.  Blooming Blossoms was the florist and as always Pam and her team did an amazing job. Congratulations to Erin and Ben!

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Omar and Fallon-Rosecliff

     Omar and Fallon truly were so fun to work with. Omar works for an airline and is training to be a pilot and they met... on a plane! They wanted that travel/plane theme to be incorporated into their wedding because it was so much of who they were.  In the span of the time of planning, they moved across the country and bought a new home! Their time to Rhode Island was very limited so we made the most of their short trips when they could be here. They chose Rosecliff as their venue, and wanted this gorgeous elegant red and gold wedding. Fallon was taken the ceremony by a horse and carriage and the groom sang a beautiful song, as his bride walked down the aisle.  Guests enjoyed food by Fine Catering by Russell Morin while they enjoyed the grounds of the mansion and watched the bride and groom depart by horse and carriage.  The gorgeous flowers were done by Flowerthyme and the music and uplighting was provided by our good friend Luke Renchan from LRE Entertainment. What an amazing day for an amazing couple.  Best wishes Omar and Fallon!