Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Beautiful Day

I recently read the book A Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand. A great summer read!  The premise of the book is about a wedding in which the mother of the bride had passed away years earlier but left a Notebook of exactly how her daughter's wedding should be.  The bride in the story followed her mother's exact requests from the rehearsal dinner, to her dress, color scheme, location, food, music and all other details. This definitely got me thinking is this something a bride would actually do as a last request for a deceased parent? I have had many weddings where one parent of the bride or groom has been deceased and we have honored their memory in various ways, but never had the entire wedding as a last request. Also, how much input does a couple allow their family members to contribute living or deceased? That definitely can be a challenge during wedding planning and I recommend having a discussion if you know this can be a major problem in the planning process. It will also help to alleviate arguments in the future especially in front of vendors when making important decisions. A planner is a great buffer when things get a little dicey between family members!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Groom's Wedding Attire

It is no secret that weddings are usually centered around the bride, what gown she’s wearing, her flowers, her hair… Unfortunately, it seems like most grooms get lost in the background, but not today! What a groom wears on his wedding day is just as important as his  bride, it does happen only once in a lifetime after all! Depending on the time of day and the formality of the wedding, there are many options for groom’s wedding attire, it can be as classic or as individualized as you desire!

The Tuxedo

The most traditional of all wedding attire options is the tuxedo. Generally, tuxedos are black or navy and are worn with a pleated white button down and cummerbund or vest. While grooms have had more liberty to personalize their look in recent years, the tuxedo remains the dominant option for nighttime weddings and formal affairs. On distinguishing tuxedos from suits, tuxedos are more tailored and also incorporate an element of silk, often on the collar, pockets, and sides of the pants. All in all, tuxedos exude a classic elegance that is unmatched by any other attire option.

The Suit

Not all men feel comfortable in a tuxedo; perhaps it’s not fitting for his personality or the weather will be too warm for an all-black ensemble. Whatever the reason, a suit provides grooms a more approachable option for wedding attire. Because suits are less formal than the traditional tuxedo they lend themselves perfectly to outdoor and daytime weddings. Suits can easily be customized to fit the tone of your wedding. Generally worn with a collared button down shirt, they can be dressed up by adding a vest or dressed down by choosing a light-colored material.

The Military Uniform

Not only are military uniforms patriotic, they’re also incredibly sophisticated and absolutely stunning in wedding photos! If you are a military serviceman (thank you for your service!), consider wearing your dress uniform on your wedding day. Aside from the elegance that a dress uniform adds to your wedding, it’s the ultimate personalization of your attire!
While there are many options to consider when choosing wedding attire, most important is what you feel comfortable wearing. Your attire should be reflective of not only wedding tone but also of your personality! If you would never wear a bow tie, then don’t wear one on your wedding day either! The more comfortable you are with your attire the more that will translate to confidence and poise on your wedding day.