Friday, March 28, 2008


Sometimes the word "theme" freaks people out. They think I am not a theme person and not going there. But a theme does not have to be only the Wizard of Oz as the focus of a wedding. Themes could present themselves in a color, flower, or location. Since I am in New England, beach themes or New England themes tend to be pretty popular but you definitely can be suttle if you want to add that special "theme" flair. One couple that I worked with instead of using table numbers, named each of their tables various lighthouses, throughout New England. Another couple named their tables places that they had travelled together. If you love a certain flower, why not have that flower in all the bouquets and in the centerpieces. There are many options to incorporating bits of your personalities into your wedding day without making it an all out "themed" wedding. Who knows maybe your guests will end up learning more about you as a couple!