Monday, June 22, 2009

The Rhode Show!

On June 22, there was a segment on the Rhode Show regarding wedding etiquette, and I had the pleasure of being a part of it!

One of the topics covered was whether or not the bride has the right to ask her bridesmaids to change their appearance and the extent to which they can do so. Other topics included how to handle the “plus one” situation, mow much a guest should give, and how to handle those guests that do not answer well to RSVPs. There are also many other aspects and situations that may call for use of proper wedding etiquette.

As far as the bride’s relationship with her bridesmaids goes, there should be a mutual understanding on how much too much is to ask of each other. The bridesmaids are expected to understand that it isn’t their special day, but the bride’s. The bride should also keep in mind that the women she chose to be her bridesmaids are either family or close friends. Because of this, she should refrain from asking her bridesmaids to make drastic changes such as losing weight, changing their hair color or covering up tattoos. She should be accepting of her bridesmaids’ individuality.

Aside from situations concerning the brides and bridesmaids, there are always questions coming from the guests’ point of view. The “plus one” is a popular question. It is a given that a person invited can bring their spouse, fiancĂ©, or even a long running significant other. However, for those who are single, should they find a date or go stag? There usually is no problem with going stag. The majority of the time, the party attending will know the family or friends so it will not be as if they are lonely the entire time. Every person and situation is different so if unsure ask the bride or somebody else who will be attending for a second opinion. Ideally, one should bring the cost of the plate which can usually be estimated around fifty dollars. Is bringing a guest worth that amount of money?

A common occurrence in planning a wedding can be acquiring a guest count. From those “plus one” ambiguities to those who seem to never RSVP. The RSVP is very important and timely. There are vendor deadlines that must be met. When there is a guest who seemingly forgot to RSVP, it is alright to call or email them to check up on their decision. Always be friendly about it. One never knows if there is a legitimate reason or if the guest simply forgot. There is still a slight possibility that they never even received the invite.

Have a great week!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wedding South Beach Style and Big Move!

Welcome to Wedding Season 2009!! There will be much more blogging this season about our weddings so keep checking out the site! Our most exciting news is that we have moved to Newport! Our office is located at 129 Bellevue Avenue, so if you are in the area please drop by and visit.

On to the weddings...

We had the honour of being a part of Jen and Craig's wedding this past weekend at Astor's Beechwood. They brought South Beach to the old style mansion, which looked fabulous!
Broadway Florist did an outstanding job with creating a lounge in the ballroom and the lighting from Bentley Meeker was absolutely incredible. Congrats to Jen and Craig!