Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Microweddings-What are they? Should I have one?

     Microweddings have increased immensely due to Covid 19 this year.  This is a smaller version of both the ceremony and the reception, typically no more than 50 guests.  It is a super intimate wedding based of guests that are usually family and only close friends. Many couples don't look at it as a way to cut costs, but to provide more for their guests that they may have not been able to offer initially.  It is the perfect compromise if a couple still wants to get married in 2020 and does not want to postpone.  A smaller wedding may offer the opportunity to be more creative.  You could possible afford more florals or linens and decor, or add some lighting. You could move to a top shelf bar offerings and possibly an extra dessert or late night snack. A microwedding provides an opportunity to spend more time with your guests because there are not as many people to greet. Whether or not to have a microwedding is a personal choice. Many people want the larger wedding and are opting to postpone to 2021, And with many strict guidelines still in place in Rhode Island, the postponement means a full dance floor and a bar that guests can enjoy. No matter what you choose, it is between you and your spouse and what fits for you.  We are always here to help and answer your questions.