Thursday, July 19, 2012

Venues that Change Your Event into an Experience

Venues that Change Your Event into an Experience

            Imagine, it’s the day of the wedding and you take your seat at your reception table.  Looking around you see all of the major components of wedding.  There is of course a bride and groom, floral arrangements, a beautiful cake, a band, and a tank full of sharks.  Wait, a tank full of sharks?  Since when has that become a part of a wedding? 

Planned to Perfection has noticed a great trend popping up in the event planning realm.  We found that a lot of clients are looking to take their event from ordinary to extraordinary by hosting them at exotic and entertaining venues.  Some venues that we have noticed to fit into this category of extraordinary venues are the Mystic Aquarium located in Mystic, Connecticut, the New Bedford Whaling Museum located in New Bedford, Massachusetts, the Roger Williams Park Botanical Gardens located in Cranston, RI, Jonathon Edwards Winery & Vineyard located in North Stonington, Connecticut, and lastly Sakonnet Vineyards located in Little Compton, RI.

The Mystic Aquarium has truly transformed from one of the finest aquariums in New England into a full functioning event space.  Imagine getting married with thousand gallon fish tanks a your backdrop, a naturally beautiful landscape for any event or wedding.  The Mystic Aquarium takes pride in working with Ocean Blue Catering to provide an excellent meal that correlates to the amazing surroundings of the aquarium itself.  The most unique characteristic this venue has is the amazing sea creatures that always try to make an appearance at your event.

Moving onto another extraordinary venue we have the New Bedford Whaling Museum.  This museum has eight different galleries and rooms to choose to hold your event in.  Each of the rooms represents a different part of whaling history.  You could sit below the skeleton of a whale or be surrounded by various whaling artifacts, either way this venue definitely provides guests with much more than an ordinary reception.

Another venue that does just that is the Roger Williams Botanical Gardens, Jonathon Edwards Vineyards, and Sakonnet Vineyards.  These three venues don’t necessarily have rich history or sea creatures but they still fall in the extraordinary venue category for one main reason, which is landscape and atmosphere.  These venues are equipped with gorgeous floral landscapes and lush vineyards that would make the backdrop for any event go from average to amazing.  Guests have the opportunity to educate themselves on wine and grape growing as well as educate themselves on different flower species in the botanical gardens.

One common characteristic that all of these venues have is the “Wow” factor.  Each one of these places takes an event and transforms it into an experience that you, as the guest, are sure not to forget.

So, when you’re planning your next function keep in mind these unique venues and how they can change your event from ordinary to extraordinary.     

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Megan and Seth

Seth and Megan

   On Friday June 29th, 2012 Planned to Perfection found itself finally at the day of Megan and Seth’s wedding.  The morning started out with some light showers but as the day progressed and the ceremony time drew closer, mother nature couldn’t have conjured up a more beautiful summer day for the couple to get married on.

            Seth and Megan were married at the gorgeous lighthouse at the Newport Hyatt.  Megan and Seth were married under a gorgeous chuppah decorated with an array of white and pink floral details provided by Golden Gate Studios.  The lighthouse was a backdrop the whole scene and can be seen in the following photo.  The ceremony was short and sweet with a few friends of the couple participating in four readings.  The ceremony itself was a personal one due to the fact that a friend of the family, who is a judge, conducted the ceremony himself.  The couple even had their dog take a walk down the aisle.

            As the night drew on and we now had a happy pair of newlyweds it was time for the reception.  The entire cocktail hour and reception were decked out from head to toe in white and pink accents.  The floral arrangements used for this special day all were of different heights and sizes.  The arrangements ranged from a tall centerpiece that had extending branches with chandelier type accessories on them to a simple table floral piece.  The cocktail tables all went along with the couple’s rustic theme and had floral arrangements inside of little medal pales.  

            One of the most unique features of this wedding was one of the bride’s favorite items at her wedding.  There was a pink lemonade bar that was available right after the ceremony at cocktail hour.  The guest enjoyed refreshing pink lemonade out of monogramed mason jars.  These mason jars were also used as wedding favors to the attending guests.

            Another great feature at this wedding was the candy bar that was brought to the wedding by Sweet Indulgences.  It was all pink and monogrammed to match the overall theme of the wedding.  Between the various jars of sweets and cake pops guests found them selves in a sugar wonderland.

            Megan and Seth’s wedding ended with a lot of dancing to the sounds of Nancy Paolino and the Black Tie Band and good times with their friends and family.  They even enjoyed some pictures with the gorgeous sunset that fell just beyond the Newport Bridge.

Thanks to Steven James at the Newport Hyatt, Sweet Indulgence, Nancy Paolino and the Black Tie Band, John Lovgren Photography, Artistic Wedding Video Group, and Rockstar Limo.