Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wedding Season is here!

Wedding Season is finally here! The sun is finally shinning through and the flowers are blooming! Brides and planners are putting together last minute details for their upcoming special days! We have amazing brides this summer and fall and we are looking forward to seeing their weddings fully executed! Even if you have made all the plans for your wedding its not to late to hire a planner last minute to tie together all of your details and be there during the ceremony and reception. Having a planner on site the day of your wedding can relieve a lot of wedding day stress! Planners can take care of any problems that may arise, be the contact for all vendors arriving on site throughout the day, and will help with last minute set up needs to ensure that your wedding is looking its best! A wedding planner will also be there to make sure all guests are where they should be or can answer any concerned questions, help line up the bridal party and will get everyone where they need to be on time.

Call Planned to Perfection today (401-885-1300)to ask any further question about our wedding day coordination package or get more details on our other wedding services!