Monday, January 21, 2019

Kyle and Kate-The Landing

    When Kate and I first met and she told me they were getting married in a public park in Newport, I panicked. I wasn't sure they they could keep it private, that people would not be in the space and that there would be so many onlookers that it wouldn't have the same feel.  I think on the day of the wedding, I must have checked on the site 25 times and when I knew they were on time and doing pictures with the photographer, I parked myself in the seats to make sure everything was all set! We laid out a great plan and it worked out flawlessly. After the ceremony, everyone headed down the hill to the Landing.  The closed down the outdoor space for the reception, and it was a perfect day to be right on the water. The cocktail hour was loaded with food, I don't think a guest was hungry for dinner.  However, with an amazing lobster dinner, I think they all somehow managed to fit it in.  Once dinner was over, they were on the dance floor most of the evening and did an entire dessert buffet from Gregg's Restaurant. I do not think there was one cake that they were missing.. I thought this was such a fantastic different idea! Guests could have their choice of cakes and they didn't have to have just one. A dessert heaven for sure! A wonderful day for a wonderful couple! Congrats again to Kyle and Kate!