Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What to do with your dress after the big day:
In today’s wedding world, there are numerous possibilities for your gown after the vows are spoken and last piece of cake is eaten. What to do with the centerpiece of this special occasion? Here are some ideas:
1. Save it! A time honored tradition of cleaning and sealing up a thing of beauty. You might want to keep it for future generations to enjoy, perhaps your daughter will love it as much as you did. It will always be there for future try-ons. However, I must warn you it can be costly. Expenses may add up to $500 for proper care.
2. Sell it! If you can part ways why not earn a little money back. There are second hand stores, online websites and classifieds which can earn you a great return on a priceless item.
3. Donate it! If your feeling generous and what to save a fellow bride wallet trouble, donate your fabulous dress. It is a great thing to do for upcoming brides to be. Your donation creates a world of discount dresses for those on a tight budget and the dress will see the matrimonial alter once again.
4. Transform it! Nowadays, there is no telling what you can make out of your dress. What have you always wanted? This is a great way to make new memories out of something you already love. It can be anything from pillow cases to skirts, to curtains, to baby blankets, lining on a portrait of you and your hubby. Picture it and you can have pieces to take with you always.
5. Trash the Dress! Now for my new favorite. Why not put that gorgeous gown on one more time and snap a few more memorable photos. A new trend that is sweeping bridal nation and the photography world is trashing your dress in a photo shoot. It is a way to have fun and get dirty. Some have worn it in the mud, others on the train tracks, and even lit them on fire! The images are magnificent and you get to be a little crazy. It is one more fun post wedding activity you can engage in, I mean you already have the attire for it. The contrasts are amazing and the pictures will last you forever.
Photo by Sara Zarrella